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Self-Publishing (Re)Defined & Setting Goals

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Welcome to Inkwell Editorial’s self-publishing course, How to Make Money Self-Publishing Non-Fiction Info Products: A Course for Absolute Newbies.

Self-publishing is an excellent, work-from-home business that you can grow as big, or keep as small, as you want.

The Self-Publishing Puzzle

Although there are a lot of moving pieces in the self-publishing puzzle, it’s pretty easy to understand once you understand how all those pieces fit together.

In this course, we’ll “put the pieces of the self-publishing puzzle together” … together. This way, you’ll have a completed puzzle. Or, in other words, a complete picture of how to start writing, self-publishing and making money selling non-fiction info products -- of all kinds.

So, let’s take it from the top; starting with defining exactly what self-publishing is (it's much more than you probably think). Click on through to learn more.

P.S.: Learn How to Self-Publish Your First Non-Fiction Info Product in 7 Days

A step-by-step, quick-start plan is outlined in Module XI.

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