Accessing Course Material, Discounts & More

A Word about the Course Platform

In April of 2017, I migrated all of Inkwell Editorial's e-courses over to Teachable. Why?

You used to receive the course as a pack of pdf files. And where there were updates, I'd have to email you all over again.

Via Teachable, it's easier to update the courses with fresh and/or bonus material, and give you immediate access to it. There's never a need to wait or wonder if you have the latest updates. You always do!

And speaking of access ...

Lifetime Access & Updates

No matter when you enroll or which course you enroll in, you will always have access to that particular course. If it's updated with bonus material, you get it. If it's updated because of some new SEO changes that come down the pike, you get it.

You pay one price, one time, and the course is yours forever, to access whenever and from wherever you want. That's the way it should be, and that's the thing I love most about offering Inkwell Editorial's courses on this platform.

Happy learning!

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