Section Overview: About Your Free Bonuses

Free Bonus #1: How to Make $250+/Day Writing Simple, 500-Word Articles

This ebook has launched the careers of a few hundred online writers, as the testimonials on this page attest.

The ebook contains everything I did -- once I learned how to write SEO content (which is what this course teaches you) -- to land clients when I first started my SEO writing career, including, but not limited to:

Email marketing templates I used;

  • How I found clients to target;
  • How I priced my services;
  • How I billed clients; and

SO MUCH MORE! The ebook is constantly updated (3-4 times/year), so it always has the latest material, just like this course). It's yours absolutely free when you register.

Free Bonus #2: The Small Biz Owner’s Complete Marketing Kit! A Complete How-to, Shoestring Marketing Guide for Entrepreneurs

If you are serious about succeeding at entrepreneurship in any form, then you must embrace marketing.

Most small business owners have a great product/service, a lot of ambition and plenty of knowledge about servicing their customers. But, they have little or no knowledge of marketing (especially online).


What’s the difference?

Advertising usually refers to paid ads, spots, campaigns, etc. Marketing is all of the ways you get the word out about your business — paid or unpaid. Handing out flyers is marketing. Placing a classified ad in the newspaper is advertising.

Marketing success by the numbers includes paid and unpaid advertising. But, the paid methods are very low-cost (eg, under $20/month) and you will be able to implement them immediately.

Learn more here.

Free Bonus #3: "How to Create Your First Online Course" Ecourse

One of the ways I put my SEO knowledge to use is developing and promoting e-courses online.

It's a fun way to make some really good money -- all the while helping others with whatever problems they may be having. And, platforms like Teachable make it so easy to produce and present professional courses at reasonable rates.

5 Reasons to Create at Least One E-Class

I created this course for a few reasons:

(i) I've been asked about how to do it by readers of my various blogs;

(ii) E-learning is growing; in fact, online courses that can be taken at a person's leisure is the only way many can fit a class into their schedule these days;

(iii) Platforms like Teachable not only make it easy to deliver content quickly and professionally; it's so easy to update material and give students immediate access;

(iv) It can be highly profitable. Once a course has been created, it can ostensibly earn you money for years as long as the content is relevant and/or kept updated; and finally

(iii) Like I said above, it's fun!

Wanna Start Making Money with Your Own Online "School?"

You can develop as many courses as you want and host them under your brand/blog/business name; in effect, creating your own online school.

This ecourse shows you how to develop your first one. After you do it once, all you have to do is rinse and repeat your way to success!

Trust me, once you start earning money like this online, you're going to become hooked!

Want Inspiration?

Read about the ecourse creator who earned over $400,000 in one year -- from her first course!

Monthly Chunk of Change

Ecourses can earn you a nice chunk of change month in and month out, stabilizing your freelance writing income. I look forward to my payout from Teachable every month because it's usually a sizeable amount that allows me to "chunk" save; "chunk" pay bills; "chunk" invest; etc.

It's comforting knowing I have this chunk of dollars coming at the same time every month.

Bonus #4: How to Get Hired by High-Paying Clients on a Retainer Basis Ecourse

One of the fastest ways to build a six-figure freelance writing business is to find clients who are willing to pay you a nice, fat, juicy retainer every month.

This not only allows you to stabilize your income, it allows you to have more of a life because:

  • You'll know when projects are due on a consistent basis;
  • Can plan your work day/week/month out in advance; and
  • Can hire reliable help to assist you in getting the work done, to name three biggies.


But, how do you find retainer-based clients?

How do you pitch them?

What should be covered in a retainer-based contract?

All of these questions -- and MUCH more -- are answered in the "How to Get Hired by High-Paying Clients on a Retainer Basis!" ecourse, which you get absolutely free.

FYI, Laura answers some frequently asked questions about working with clients on retainer in this post.


As you can see, this e-course is jam-packed with all kinds of goodies to help you succeed, from day one and continually as you grow your online writing biz. If you're serious about starting a high-paying freelance writing career -- not one where you "just" manage to pay the bills -- this course is for you.