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A Word from the Course Developer

If you’ve been yearning – yeah, get accustomed to using the language of passion now – to learn how to make money writing romance, boy, do I have a course for you!

I’ve been a reader of romance novels since my early teens, but I didn’t write my first one until 2013. Since then, I’ve written over fifty more.

Short Romance Novels Sells – Very Well

Until 2019, I specialized almost exclusively in writing short "novellas." They're in the 10,000- to 30,000-word range, with most being between 20,000 and 25,000 words. I like writing stories of this length because it means I can write more of them faster – leading to increased earnings.

In 2019, I started writing longer novels (40,000+ words). These have sold well too, but I can't turn them out as quickly as the shorter ones. That's okay though, because this is my "forever" career.

I don’t see myself ever retiring from writing romance because I love the genre so much, and I can fit it in with my other writing responsibilities (like creating and teaching ecourses).

Benefits of Writing Romance

Some other benefits include:

--->It can help you diversify your writing income, eg, if you’re currently a freelance writer;

--->It's a fun, easy side hustle to start if you currently work full- or part-time;

--->It’s evergreen, passive income because the books never have to be updated (like non-fiction, which does);

--->It’s a mobile career that allows you to earn as much as you want;

--->You get to be your own boss – no publishers, editors, or anyone else telling you what, when and how to write;

--->You can give your creative mind free rein – writing and publishing any story your heart desires;

--->It can help you become a better writer (the more you write, the better you tend to get); and

--->It’s just a heck of a lot of fun, especially if you like reading and writing this kind of fiction.

So if you’ve ever wanted to give romance writing a try, this free ecourse is for you. Once you finish it, you'll have a very good idea about whether or not it's a good fit for you.

Why Writing Romance Is One of the Easier Genres in Which to Make Money

Romance is one of the most popular fiction genres of all time, surpassing Sci-Fi, Crime, Religion and other niches by a wide margin -- in sales. The old adage, “Sex (and love) sells,” is true. And boy, does it sell well!

At $1.44 billion, romance and erotica are #1 in sales, according to the link just above. That figure includes self-published romance novels. And, with 29 to 30 million dedicated readers, it’s hard to miss if you write in this genre (emphasis mine).

More proof?

As anyone in advertising knows, sex sells. Consider the following stats from Romance Writers of America:

  • Romance novel share of the U.S. fiction market: 23% as of 2016
  • What formats of romance fiction are selling? E-books: 64%
  • The romance book buyer is 82% female and 18% male (yeah, dudes read romance too – and that number is growing by the way)
  • Age of romance book buyers: 35–39 years old

And check out the following stats, which is the best news for romance writers in my opinion.

How Often Romance Lovers Buy & Read Books

According to a Nielsen’s Romance Book Buyer Report, romance fans are avid, loyal readers. Here are the jaw-dropping figures.

  • 6% purchase romance novels more than once per week;

  • 15% purchase at least once per week;

  • 25% of buyers read romance more than once a week;

  • Nearly 50% read at least one a week;

  • 25% read more than one per week; and

  • Only 20% read romance less than once a month.

To boil it down to one statistic, 80% of consumers in this genre are buying and/or reading at least one novel a month.

It’s why even new authors who’ve never written a word in their life can make really good money writing romance, but …

There are some things you need to know to get them to become your loyal readers, and that’s one of the things we’ll cover in the full version of this course.


  • Experience (I had none);

  • Money (you can literally get started for free);

  • An agent or a publisher; and

  • Great writing ability (you do need to be able to write, but you don’t need to be a great writer – really!).


  • Persistence;

  • The discipline to publish consistently;

  • A “like” for writing (notice I didn’t say “love”; you don’t have to love writing – but you definitely can’t hate it); and

  • A computer/laptop; and

  • An internet connection.


  • Romance readers who’ve always wanted to give this form of writing a try

  • Aspiring fiction writers who think, “Hmm, wonder if I could write romance?”

  • Stay-at-home parents who want to earn a part-time or full-time income

  • College students who like to write and want to earn extra cash

  • Retirees who like to write want to supplement their income

  • Digital nomad wannabes who like to write (those who want a mobile career)

  • Anyone who likes to write, likes romance and is willing to learn how to write it

What’s Covered in This This Free, 5-Day Ecourse

Following is a breakdown of what we’ll be discussing over the next five days.

  • Lesson #1: Proof That You Can Be Successful Writing Romance

  • Lesson #2: How to Get Over the Fear of Not Being a Good Enough Writer

  • Lesson #3: The Technical Side of Self-Publishing: What You Need to Know

  • Lesson #4: How to Create an Outline & Start Writing Your Romance Novel

  • Lesson #5: Self-Publishing on Amazon: Some Crucial Things You Need to Know about This #1 Selling Outlet

The full version of the course includes the following (and a lot more).

  • Downloadable Templates: Targeted, fill-in-the-blank worksheets that help you craft your story.

  • Writing Specifics: We get into the meat of writing romance: eg, character and plot development; how to create tension between characters; how to suck readers in from the first page – and more.

  • Ebook Marketing: I’ll share all the mistakes I’ve made (so you don’t have to) and the successes I’ve had over the course of publishing 50+ titles.

  • Biz Insight: On setting up a publishing company and what it takes to turn your romance writing into a full-time career if that’s what you want.


The Difference between the Ecourse & the Ebook

I wrote a very comprehensive ebook on how to make money writing romance, and you may be wondering – especially if you’ve read it – what’s the difference between the two?

As I clearly state in that ebook, it is NOT about how to “write” romance; but how to “make money” writing romance.

The core of this course is about “how to write” romance, along with so much other stuff I didn’t touch on – or touched on briefly – in the ebook, eg:

  • Forming your own publishing company;

  • Hiring others write for you; and

  • Turning your romance writing into a full-time career, to name some.


As soon as you subscribe, you’ll have access to all lessons.

About Lesson #1

It will alleviate any fears you have about whether or not you can be successful as a romance author. You can, and I’ll explain exactly how I know this. This way, you can put that fear to rest and get excited about starting your romance writing career.

P.S.: Lifetime Access

All of Inkwell Editorial’s courses here on Teachable come with lifetime access. This means you will always have the most up-to-date version of all courses you pay for – without doing anything. So even if you’re not ready to embark on a romance writing career right now, you can enroll and start when you’re ready.

Note: Price, of course, can increase at any time.

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If a merchant (me/Inkwell Editorial) has PayPal listed as their payment option, you will automatically directed to PayPal's site. It will prompt you to log into "your" PayPal account. But if you don't have one, look for wording akin to what's listed in the graphic here, ie: Pay with Debit or Credit Card.

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Ready to Embark on This Exciting Journey? Enroll Now

Making a living writing romance is possible for anyone who can read and write; who enjoys reading and writing in this genre; who's willing to learn; and who has a computer and an internet connection. That's really all it takes – and hard work, of course.

One Final Thing You Should Know

The course consists of the 5 free lessons.

Also, you'll receive other follow-up info via email, eg, sales reports and tips on how to start and grow a romance writing business. So remember this, ok?

I look forward to interacting with you in class.

Here's to your romance writing success!

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